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  • Sahrawi prisoners on hunger strike over ill treatment: Amnesty September 19, 2014
    Rabat (AFP) - Seven Sahrawi men who were severely beaten at a Moroccan jail in Western Sahara have gone on hunger strike to protest their ill treatment, Amnesty International said Friday. […]
  • Egypt: Critically ill hunger-striker denied crucial medical care September 19, 2014
    The Egyptian authorities are putting at risk the life of a jailed activist, whose health has sharply deteriorated after more than 230 days on hunger strike, by denying him sustained medical care and placing him in solitary confinement. September 19, 2014 International The Egyptian authorities are putting at risk the life of a jailed activist, whose health ha […]
  • ‘Hunger strikes win this round’ September 19, 2014
    The release from jail of a prominent activist on hunger strike is being hailed as a victory for the campaign to release ‘prisoners of conscience’. But the battle is far from over, writes Amira Howeidy […]
  • The Hidden Crisis in the Military: Hunger September 18, 2014
    During Sonia Kendrick’s decade in America’s armed forces—four years in the Army and six in the National Guard—she saw a lot of pain.  […]
  • Hunger awareness campaign sparks agricultural debate on campus September 18, 2014
    Earlier this week, a hunger awareness group parked a black RV on the Oval to educate students about global hunger, but when one student group asked them if the organization advocated for industrial mo […]
  • Silicon Valley Startup Homejoy Using Homeless Contractors As Housecleaners September 19, 2014
    A well-funded Silicon Valley-based housecleaning startup is using contractors who are homeless. In a New York Magazine story, Kevin Roose recounts learning that the person who arrived at his doorstep from San Francisco-based Homejoy to clean his apartment, for $19, was living in a homeless shelter. […]
  • Atlanta refuses $100,000 from homeless shelter; will cut off water September 19, 2014
    The City of Atlanta on Friday demanded a controversial downtown homeless shelter pay $600,000 for long-overdue water bills or go dry in a week — hours after rejecting a $100,000 payment. […]
  • 'Rescue' groups take a homeless man's dogs September 18, 2014
    To the editor: Gerrick Miller, a homeless man in Los Angeles with a dog he cherishes, finds himself with 11 puppies, problem enough for any dog owner for sure. ("Hounding a homeless man into giving up his dogs," Sept. 15) […]
  • Marin mayor wants to cut off cheap liquor access for homeless September 18, 2014
    Tired of receiving complaints about intoxicated homeless people congregating in downtown San Rafael, Mayor Gary Phillips is on a quest to get cheap liquor off local stores' shelves. […]
  • Project takes new approach in aiding homeless September 18, 2014
    AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — "Big Rock Candy Mountain" is an old folk song about a homeless person's paradise, a place where hens lay soft-boiled eggs and someone can find a smoke by reaching up into the trees and the drinks flow down little streams. Pieces of the village have already been built, such as a chapel and the movie screen, though the place […]