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Now there’s a word that says it all Human .

What does it mean to be human which is to be humane or humanitarian or humanity but doesn;t it all come down to aid when you can. Stop abuse when you see it,feed the hungry help victims of crime rather then closing the shades and turning the other way,and above all Respect of yourself and for others you come into contact with each and every day.To be human is to be all these things listed above,yet most humans don;t aid when they can cause it;s someone else job, stop abuse or feed the hungry or just show a little respect to another human .Were to busy with our daily lives and our own problems to be concerned or care for anyone or anything else or to Remember the women and men keeping us safe . So how does this change it may not but you can be human to the next stranger you meet and it doesn;t cost money to say hello,to smile ,to say thankyou or give help simply by being human . H U M A N

hunger in america

Probably one of the areas most movie stars don’t focus is hunger right here in america . You never see them in the inner neigborhoods ,most photo shoots are in third world countries .
It would be great if they spent equal time focusing hunger in america and abroad.
They did make their millions and fame in america, america gave them their life style they enjoy each and everyday ,yet their only concern is hunger abroad.One has to wonder why that is. They may as well move their.

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