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VA homeless offers a wide array of special programs and initiatives specifically designed to help homeless veterans live as self-sufficiently and independently as possible. In fact,VA is the only Federal agency that provides substantial hands-on assistance directly to homeless persons. Although limited to veterans and their dependents, VA’s major homeless-specific programs constitute the largest integrated network of homeless treatment and assistance services in the country.
VA’s specialized homeless veterans treatment programs have grown and developed since they were first authorized in 1987. The programs strive to offer a continuum of services that include:
aggressive outreach to those veterans living on streets and in shelters who otherwise would not seek assistance;
clinical assessment and referral to needed medical treatment for physical and psychiatric disorders, including substance abuse;
long-term sheltered transitional assistance, case management, and rehabilitation;
employment assistance and linkage with available income supports; and
supported permanent housing. more info

  • Hip-Hop For The Homeless: Hartford Rapper Organizes Series Of Benefit Concerts November 24, 2014
    The name Joey Batts is hard to miss when in Hartford. The local hip-hop artist and rapper has made his presence known around the city in the last decade, due to his legendary freestyling performances and in part to his "fandalize" sticker-bombing campaign that has covered the clubs and street... […]
  • Seattle councillors to vote on funding Internet access at homeless camps November 24, 2014
    SEATTLE (Reuters) - The Seattle City Council was expected to vote Monday on a measure that would fund Internet access at the city's homeless camps. Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant wants a portion of a proposed $100,000 in the upcoming city budget that has been earmarked to improve conditions at homeless camps to include access to Internet, inc […]
  • Bakersfield Homeless Center's Thanksgiving Dinner November 24, 2014
    BAKERSFIELD, CA - Thanksgiving is just a few days away and many families are preparing to celebrate with loved ones. Some families who need a little extra help turn to local churches and shelters. Sunday afternoon Bakersfield Homeless Center offered a Thanksgiving meal to those who can't make it themselves. Amy Ruffin and her four kids moved across the […]
  • 'Homeless Jesus' statue installed in downtown Charleston November 24, 2014
    By David Gutman Walk down Washington Street in downtown Charleston, across the street from the post office, and you'll come to a bronze park bench that wasn't there last week. You may be hesitant to take a seat. There's a man, who looks to be homeless, asleep on the bench. Take another look. The man is also bronze, part of a sculpture. His kne […]
  • Homeless Center Asking for Help with Thanksgiving Meal November 23, 2014
    A Little Rock homeless center asking for donations and reaching into their own pockets to make sure they can provide a thanksgiving meal for thousands. […]