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VA homeless offers a wide array of special programs and initiatives specifically designed to help homeless veterans live as self-sufficiently and independently as possible. In fact,VA is the only Federal agency that provides substantial hands-on assistance directly to homeless persons. Although limited to veterans and their dependents, VA’s major homeless-specific programs constitute the largest integrated network of homeless treatment and assistance services in the country.
VA’s specialized homeless veterans treatment programs have grown and developed since they were first authorized in 1987. The programs strive to offer a continuum of services that include:
aggressive outreach to those veterans living on streets and in shelters who otherwise would not seek assistance;
clinical assessment and referral to needed medical treatment for physical and psychiatric disorders, including substance abuse;
long-term sheltered transitional assistance, case management, and rehabilitation;
employment assistance and linkage with available income supports; and
supported permanent housing. more info

  • Ukrainian pilot could 'die within days' in Russian jail February 27, 2015
    The health of a hunger-striking Ukrainian pilot held in a Russian jail has deteriorated significantly and she "could die within days," a member of the Kremlin's human rights council said on Friday. Nadia Savchenko, a 33-year-old Ukrainian helicopter navigator, who has been charged with involvement in the deaths of two Russian reporters in a mo […]
  • News & Notes - 'Feed the Hunger'; scholarship applications; benefit barbecue February 27, 2015
    Wilmington Christian Academy High School students packaged more than 21,000 meals to share with hungry families in Jamaica. […]
  • The first trailer for Hunger looks beautiful, and a little familiar February 25, 2015
    LittleBigPlanet co-developer Tarsier Studios offered the first official look at its new game Hunger in a teaser video today that looks fantastic — and if you've been following games for the past 10 years or so, maybe a little familiar. Hunger is an original game from Tarsier, which developed the PlayStation Vita version of LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway U […]
  • Watch First Trailer for Creepy "Suspense-Adventure" Game Hunger February 25, 2015
    LittleBigPlanet developer releases debut trailer for its game about a young girl trying to escape a monster-filled labyrinth. […]
  • Syrians flee besieged rebel area with tales of hunger February 25, 2015
    At a shelter in Damascus, the strain of life under a crippling siege not far from the Syrian capital is etched on the gaunt faces of those who have escaped. Hundreds of families have fled the district of Eastern Ghouta in the past few months, after more than one-and-a-half years of hunger and deprivation. Abu Ali moved around Eastern Ghouta, trying to find s […]
  • Bucks homeless number slightly lower February 27, 2015
    BUCKS COUNTY Homeless number slightly lower DOYLESTOWN The number of homeless people living in Bucks County this winter appeared to be slightly lower during a recent one-day count than it was in 2014, county officials announced Thursday. […]
  • Council proposal to declutter L.A. should be rejected February 27, 2015
    It goes without saying that being homeless means not having a closet or an attic or a basement to store your belongings. Those worn and filthy shopping carts, boxes, and plastic bags that homeless people are dragging around on the streets of Los Angeles are their possessions, the net worth of... […]
  • Homeless youth population difficult to quantify, challenging to serve February 27, 2015
    Homeless youths in Utah are difficult to quantify and can be challenging to serve. Collaboration and education about... […]
  • Star of Hope plans 48-acre complex for homeless women and families February 27, 2015
    Houston's Star of Hope mission plans to break ground this year on a 48-acre complex near U.S. 288 and Reed Road to provide housing and medical and social services for as many as 180 homeless single women and 420 families. The facility in south Houston, which will include a chapel, day care facility, computer lab and park, will double the charity's […]
  • Tonya Proctor: Providing help for the homeless February 26, 2015
    She helps manage two major HUD grant programs that provide funds to communities. […]